Monday, August 1, 2016

Purple Passion: An Improvisational Quilt

 Purple Passion:  It turns out that while I don't wear much purple, I actually had quite a large purple fabric stash.
 I wanted to try some improvisational piecing in purple with pops of a complimentary orange/red, and this is the result.
 There really is no "up".  I literally used one strip from each piece of purple fabric that I owned to put this little (well, medium) quilt together.
The red strips are actually pieced in, but the straight line quilting really makes them stand out.
 The quilting in each section goes a different direction.
 This quilt finished up at 21" x 36".
 The back gives a real nice picture of the quilting. (and yes, still needs a label)
You can stop by my personal blog for a few more details and pictures of this quilt.  There will also be an upcoming post about how I did improv, without the improv.

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  1. Rachel,
    This looks great--love the improv piecing!