Friday, February 10, 2017

UFO I & 2

The Mother Ship has captured 2 delinquents.

Recently I was looking at Italian cement tiles for quilt inspiration. 

Image result for italian cement tiles geometric      Image result for italian cement tiles geometric

I found a tile on the web that looks similar to the one below. 
And of course I can't find my original tile anymore, 
but I popped the tile into Illustrator and redrew the tile. 
Here it is below.

This is what happens when you tessellate the tile. 
The possibilities are endless. 
I spent hours rearranging the mock up tiles in illustrator.

It literally took me a hours to make this gray and white mini below-
 made of 4 blocks. So silly it took so long. 
It was tough to line up all the seams. 
I later realized that my plastic quilting 
I figured this was a good exercise anyways, 
but I didn't want to make an entire quilt like this. 
At least not yet. 

So here goes the binding to make this into a.... 

Next up....

I'm in a quilt bee this year called Gridsters and our January block for 
is a foundation paper pieced New York Beauty.
This was my first ever attempt at foundation piecing. 
The only problem is I didn't print the foundation paper at 

So my New York Beauty was a tad too small to send off to Susan.
I wasn't ready to make up 30 more of these for a quilt, 
so here I am again making another hot pad.

My oldest daughter has always been fabulous in the kitchen. 
She became our bread & dessert specialist and our go to person 
for fresh baked bread and rolls. 
She's starting a cake baking business!
With all the baking she's doing I figured she needs to do it in style.
I'm sending both of these hot pads to her. 

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Shimmery Tunnel of Memories

Shimmery Tunnel of Memories, Quilt #177
Four-in-Art, Series Four: Light
10 1/2″ wide 16″ high

I had fun trying to recreate a rainbow-hued interpretation of Multiverse, a work of art in the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC.  Please visit my blog at Occasionalpiece-Quilt ( to see more of the story.

This is the first quilt in our fourth year of making quilts together. Our little group is so talented at interpreting all aspects of our changing yearly themes, with four quarterly challenges.  

I also have a deconstruction post coming up on my blog where I talk about how this is the completely wrong title, but it will have to stay because I'm not making a different label.  It will post later this week with the intended title.

Shimmering Ponds

My reveal of Shimmering Ponds was paper pieced using batiks and shiny silver lame. 
I pieced the fabrics in different ways to show that the ripples of water can move in different ways depending upon conditions. The lame shows the shimmering and glimmering of the movement.

I was pleased that the sun was brightly shining on the snow today so my photo enhanced the silver lame in the paper piecing. 

I will have my blog post up (a day late) on February 2, 2017


Here is my Shimmer reveal for February. More about the making of this quilt can be found at Rainbow Hare, Janine :)

Light: Shimmer: Lips!

This 12"x12" quilt is my Art Quilt for Quarter One.
For more details you can visit my personal blog: The Life of Riley

Light: Shimmer

For this theme I took inspiration from way the light bounced around in the facets of my cut glass doorknob and cut into blocks and used gold fabrics to reflect the patterns I saw there.  You can read more on my blog

Light Shimmer

This theme inspired me to notice again the patterns that light makes on calm water; which I'm fortunate to have had the opportunity to observe from my kayak, whether on the sea, lakes or river.

Here is what I came up with and if you'd like to read more you can do that here on my blog.