Wednesday, November 1, 2017


Our theme this quarter, "illumination", offered so many options and interpretations.  And yet I chose the literal one, the dictionary definition:  (a) spiritual or intellectual enlightenment, (b) a lighting-up.  In part, I think, I did so because this marks the end of my time with this very special group, Four-in-Art.  It has been a great ride with so many talented, visionary, creative women and although I will miss them all, it is time for me to wander new paths.

But enough of that, for now.  "Illumination" is probably the best-ever ending theme for me because it was what drew me to the art quilt side of quilting - just feeling there was more inside to show itself, to explore, to light up.  And for this reveal I chose to revisit all my submissions to this group, hence SCRAPBOOK.  It is a look back and each one reminded me of my life - where I was, what else I was working on, what motivated me.

When I settled on this simple design, my plan was reasonable, simple with attention to handwork detail.  However, the printer had other thoughts.  And after fighting with it for 2 days, I relented and resorted to "printable fabric, sew on".  Easy peasy, right?!  Nope, box # had possessed paper which refused to release from the backside of the "printed picture".  AND box #2 was similarly possessed.  Intellectual enlightenment, in this case, resulted in "riding the horse in the direction he was going".  Print and sew directly onto the top.  Stiff and inflexible became the operating terms of my days.

But aren't the pictures of past efforts fun?!  It was a week-long trip down memory lane.

I debated using black-corner posts, but opted for non-distraction.  The stiff corners were going to curl and bend regardless. 

When it came time for backing, my stash yielded the perfect piece (no idea where else I might have ever used this!).

This, too, provides memories --of all those people (and admittedly male for some reason) who called me "Betty Boop" in my past life.

Elizabeth is the muse who started this thing, Four-in-Art, and her friendship means the world to me now.  She has shared with me, and so many others, both spiritual and intellectual enlightenment and every time we talk there is a "lighting up" when we say goodbye.

Rachel, our current leader, has been along for the ride all the way and she is my "mom hero".  I am in awe of all her skills and her relentless "joie de vie".

My sincere thanks to all our other current, and past, group members, for their inspirational quilts and creativity and their support of my submissions.  I look forward to following the "new group" and their journey.

So until we meet again!


  1. I love the way you've interpreted this theme. Your quilt looks wonderful and it's great to see all your Four in Art images together in a new piece of art :)

  2. Such an ingenious interpretation and exploration, as you say, of the theme! A lovely way of meeting the brief. I love the red 'gallery wall' and the fact that in a way this is a quilt about quilts!

  3. This is such a great idea. A fun way to see all the quilts at once. Sorry to hear your frustration with the photo transfer paper. Its been a grwst time being part of this group with you!

  4. I love this piece, and I, too, had an enjoyable time revisiting all my quilts--but here you have a quilt showing those little treasures! Thanks for your kind words--you are certainly one of the best gifts of this group. Thanks for being willing to play along!