Monday, August 1, 2016

"Father & Son" Third Quarter Purple Passion by Faffling

Though initially daunted by this quarter's theme of "Purple Passion". This time I'm happy with what I finally came up with.

I love the look of a natural linen and the way it tones down and complements purple which is naturally more "shouty". These shot cotton purples are rich and subtly textured. (Albeit hard to photograph!)

I'm not sure which orientation it should have, perhaps I should add two hanging sleeves so I can switch according to whim?


The simple design form holds meaning which you can read more about here on my blog, if you want to see that aspect, but if that isn't significant to the viewer, I like that the form is pleasingly pared down and simple. The two forms are related but distinct.  I like the balance of the two halves.

I quilted each cross complementarily rather than identically and finished with a simple linen facing and I'm thinking that perhaps I'll block it before I add the hanging sleeve(s)?

The size measures 18 x 37.5cm or approx 7"x 15" and uses linen and cotton with cotton/bamboo batting.

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  1. Camilla,
    I forgot to say how much I liked the different fabrics you used, from the linen to the shot cotton. Very effective--such a great quilt!