Monday, August 1, 2016

Patchwork Pinwheel

For this reveal - Purple Passion - I chose to play in my stash of purples and see what felt good and fun.  Purple is not a color I go out and buy intentionally, but it clearly jumps in my basket because this exercise revealed a VERY large collection of the color in a wide range of hues.  Lately I have been practicing some new skills learned in a Victoria Findley Wolfe class and for this Four-in-Art mini, I began just working with shapes.  As I layered and sliced the fabrics, it quickly morphed into a vibrant pinwheel.  And I found in my stash a very small sample of what ended up as the bull's eye.

Pieced onto muslin are 43 fabrics in every color of the purple rainbow.  There is no hidden art, no underlying meaning, rather a simple patchwork pinwheel which I thoroughly enjoyed creating.  There were moments along the way when I thought it might be fun to cut it down and plant in in a pot or do something more clever.  But I truly enjoyed the slicing and layering and that's what it's all about, right?

As I worked on this it struck me how many other colors go so well with purple, although I know many who shy away from the color completely.  Since I keep a stash of pint chip thingys handy, I pulled them out just to see how they fared with my pinwheel.  These play well, I think, as does another "staging background" - my vintage red shutter.

There is a Kona Red quilt I have been waiting to cut out for some time now and after this photo shoot, I pulled it out and purple is already set to be a "star" on it.

The actual quilting was an easy choice - circular, of course!  And while I debated "just circular" or "concentric circles", the piece told me quickly which it wanted.

And finally, the label - our label - which always signals to me "the end" of another reveal.  This one was not stressful, rather simply a fun exercise with a color that doesn't always get good press!
Until next time.....


  1. Betty, I love this quilt. Flickr is not letting me comment, so I will do that here. I can't believe there are 43 different purples! I thought I had a lot, but I don't think it was that many, and now I may have to go back and count. I too had fun just making something, working it out as it went along. Your circle center is perfect! Great quilt.

  2. Betty,
    I love getting the fuller explanation on here (as opposed to the blurbs on Flickr) so it's fun getting your thinking about the crafting of the quilt. A real success! (although my heart still belongs to Accordion Girl in your last outing...)

  3. Wow- a wonderful purple array- good to celebrate the colour with a purple pinwheel. Good to be reminded too how good it looks with other colours!