Friday, August 4, 2017

Stained Glass Shadows

My quilt project for this challenge incorporated paper piecing and 60 degree triangles to interpret Elizabeth's sub-theme Stained Glass Shadows. The idea that stained glass shines on a surface and casts a shadow of color on that surface was what we were to base our pieces on. 

The upper portion of my quilt is a paper pieced stained glass block I designed in EQ7.
The bottom portion used 60 degree triangles cut from lighter pastel fabrics 
than the fabrics used in the upper paper pieced block. 
They were sewn in relation to where the shadow colors from the stained glass might fall.

The quilting was used to accentuate the colorful shadows with their somewhat blurred effect on the surface of the containment.
It also helped define the grays of the stone work in which this window was housed.  

 For more information about my challenge piece, visit my blog. Thank you.


  1. that is really cool! A lot of things to consider when making by the sound of it. What a cool class you did to learn some techniques for it. Love it. You did amazing!