Monday, February 1, 2016

Pretty But Potentially Deadly • February 2016

Pretty But Potentially Deadly:  February 2016

E.coli, pretty but so bad

In our first Four-in-Art reveal for 2016, the theme for the year is Color and for this round the sub-theme is Microscopic, chosen by Simone.  It was the most difficult sub-theme to date, at least for me. I considered many subjects, but when I came across images of E.coli bacteria I knew the hunt was over - they spoke to me.

Up Close and Personal

This little thing almost took my mother's life AFTER she had survived a heart transplant.  Her transplant took place in November 1990 and sometime in 1992, after eating (we believe) a burger from her favorite "hamburger joint", she became ill enough to be hospitalized.  It was touch and go for some time and thankfully she recovered fully and lived another 10+ years with her new heart.  

In this 12" quilt, I chose 4 background fabrics which reflected things you might see under a microscope.  The E. coli cells are teal and hand-appliqued while all other stitching is done in Sulky Metallic in raspberry.  Most of the actual quilting follows patterns in the background fabrics.

The Back

On the back I have used another piece which spoke "science" to me and included our great logo on the label (hard to believe this is our fourteenth reveal).   A few other pictures will be on my Flickr site (Salt Ayer or Betty Ayers).


  1. Betty--
    Such a personal story for such a terrifying "little devil," to use your words. I love that metallic thread covering his spikey little body. I'm glad he's captive on your quilt, however, and not wrecking havoc in some alternate universe inside the body. Bravo!

  2. Beautiful! You've captured the sinister side while making a beautiful piece!