Monday, May 1, 2017

Backyard Camping

With a sub-theme "light in the darkness", I realize my title, "Backyard Camping", could be misleading.  However, when considering all the  possibilities for this theme, I kept coming back to one of my favorite memories:  camping, whether in the backyard or the Girl Scout Camp or a state park.  I should note that my eyesight is terrible and has been since I was very little.  Because of this, I think, being in the darkness is something I adapt to pretty well -- and with a tiny bit of direct light (even the LED displays around the house) I'm good to go!  A flashlight, for me, is a beacon.
So, let me introduce "Backyard Camping":

In this piece I tried to focus on fabrics which helped tell the story -- that wonderful Marcia Derse piece for the tree, the many shades of green for the lawn by way of Paintbrush Studio Paint Chips, a wonderfully aged tan from Cherrywood Fabrics for the tent.  And although it is hard to see, there is a shimmery tea bag over the girl in the tent (my better half puts all coffee and tea grinds in our small garden and held onto the tea bag casings, thinking I might be able to use them for Four-in-Art - so totally thoughtful!).

I took this piece to the cemetery for her "filming" and if nothing else, it adds great filtered light.
The tree, the tent and the girl are all hand appliques;  the rest, machine pieced.  There is echo quilting around the tree and tent and while I had considered metallic work in the sky, it felt darker to leave it alone.

I read, a lot, and have since childhood.  And yep, Nancy Drew was my favorite for years (along with Trixie Belden, Donna Parker, Cherry Ames).  So, that girl, in the tent reading:  me, always!  And with a flashlight (which did not make the cut in this piece).

For the backing I hit my stash for a wonderful little "camping" scenario - how perfect!

Usually I love getting to the label.  This time I so enjoyed putting together this story that the end was somewhat bittersweet.  But summer is almost here and we live away from the city lights so spending time outside at night, on a porch or walking around at dusk,  brings back the feel of "backyard camping".


  1. Your quilt is very evocative of the magic of the lit tent in the friendly darkness outside. I love the way you've used the different materials to such great effect!

  2. I, too, love camping and think your vignette/story of the young girl with her flashlight, reading, is magical: it reminds us all of the time of being in two worlds at once. It's the world of the book, as the reader is immersed in that story, and the world of the outdoors, grand and dark and magnificent. Lovely quilt--well done!

  3. This is wonderful. I too am that girl in a tent reading! I have fond memories of girl scout camp, fun with flaslights and campfires. Your fabric choices are perfect, and what a thoughtful husband to save tea bags for you. Great quilt. Made me smile.

  4. I love this! You've chosen a perfect selection of fabrics to to create this scene and the silhouette is such a clever way of of showing the light inside the tent surrounded by the darkness outside. I love camping and reading too. I'm very envious of the girl in the tent :)

  5. Love your new blog! So happy to see your interpretation of the theme. You did a nice job with the composition of all the elements in the scene. I've done lots of camping too, which allows you to experience life in the darkness of a tent:)

  6. Using your personal memories makes this lovely piece so much more. The story your quilt tells is one many people can relate to in some way. (As a kid I read in bed with the nightlight on.) The light from the tent is a wonderful interpretation of Light in the Darkness.