Tuesday, November 1, 2016

I've Got the Blues: Michael's Blue Eyes

The sub-theme for this challenge offered so many possibilities and in the end I chose to focus on my husbands' beautiful blue eyes.   The blue of his eyes generally appears in the medium aqua range, but that can change and I used the variations as the basis for this quilt.

When we first met, he did not wear glasses and those eyes were the first thing you noticed, along with his shy smile.  Actually, to be honest, the first thing I noticed were his legs!  He is an electrician and was always on a ladder working on wiring in the ceiling of my office so I mostly just saw him from the waist down.  But then there were the eyes!

Like many other quilters I've gotten caught up in hexies and this seemed the perfect application and batiks are so great for showing off blue in all its variations.

The background is a low-volume gray and white piece with "love" scripted all over, appropriate, right?!

For simplicity I quilted around all the objects, chose a mottled blue background and highlighted the glasses with my favorite black and white stripe binding.

That one brown eye?  Well, my eyes are brown and I made that pieced hexie with the black center for a piece submitted in the 2016 Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival and didn't use.

When I get to the label part of construction, I am always amazed to see the number - this is our 17th and I just find that astounding!

So, there you have it!  Michael's Blue Eyes, my inspiration for this challenge.  


  1. This is such a sweet quilt Betty! I love that you have used your husband's blue eyes as inspiration! I hope he appreciated your efforts!

  2. Fun and humourous, a couple of people seem to be enamoured by their husband's blue eyes!