Friday, July 1, 2016

Building a Quilting Passion in Purple

Quilitng is my passion. I have enjoyed the journey over the years learning how to become a better quilter. I began with simple blocks, building upon the lessons learned through books, classes, other quilters, television and my own desires to push the envelope. I began by hand sewing and hand quilting the layers. On small quilts, I do my own machine quilting of layers and the more practice I have, the better I become. 

Purple Passion was the theme and sub-theme for this quarter's challenge and I couldn't think of a better representation than to show the blocks I made and built upon to get where I am today. 
I hope you enjoy viewing all of the interpretations of this theme.


  1. Nancy,
    Thanks for the explanation of these wonderful purple blocks. I love how they are stacked upon each other, but not in a way that obscures each construction. Wonderful!

  2. What beautiful intricate blocks to express the building of your passion! I'll look forward reading more on your blog in due course.