Sunday, May 1, 2016

Colour: Music

This quarter's theme was Colour: Music, an easy theme I thought... I had an idea right away but in the end I really struggled to bring it to life.

As soon as the theme was revealed, I thought of a quote I had heard years ago, about how the colour purple might be described to a blind person as the deep notes of a trumpet. I searched for the quote and couldn't find it, but the image was quite visual to me, with purple sound waves emanating from a trumpet in profile.

The light is poor today and I haven't been able to get a photo which accurately reflects the colour of the purple trumpet and sound waves. I'll try to replace it on a better day.

I have issues with this one, and if you're interested you can read more here, but suffice to say that this is such a good stretching exercise for me and sometimes it just doesn't quite come off!

1 comment:

  1. Camilla--
    Love those sine waves (or cosine waves?) emanating out from that trumpet. And while I really like those, I'm wild for your quilting waves, echoing the movement of sound through the air. Congrats on a fine little quilt!