Friday, February 10, 2017

UFO I & 2

The Mother Ship has captured 2 delinquents.

Recently I was looking at Italian cement tiles for quilt inspiration. 

Image result for italian cement tiles geometric      Image result for italian cement tiles geometric

I found a tile on the web that looks similar to the one below. 
And of course I can't find my original tile anymore, 
but I popped the tile into Illustrator and redrew the tile. 
Here it is below.

This is what happens when you tessellate the tile. 
The possibilities are endless. 
I spent hours rearranging the mock up tiles in illustrator.

It literally took me a hours to make this gray and white mini below-
 made of 4 blocks. So silly it took so long. 
It was tough to line up all the seams. 
I later realized that my plastic quilting 
I figured this was a good exercise anyways, 
but I didn't want to make an entire quilt like this. 
At least not yet. 

So here goes the binding to make this into a.... 

Next up....

I'm in a quilt bee this year called Gridsters and our January block for 
is a foundation paper pieced New York Beauty.
This was my first ever attempt at foundation piecing. 
The only problem is I didn't print the foundation paper at 

So my New York Beauty was a tad too small to send off to Susan.
I wasn't ready to make up 30 more of these for a quilt, 
so here I am again making another hot pad.

My oldest daughter has always been fabulous in the kitchen. 
She became our bread & dessert specialist and our go to person 
for fresh baked bread and rolls. 
She's starting a cake baking business!
With all the baking she's doing I figured she needs to do it in style.
I'm sending both of these hot pads to her. 

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